Militants In Ondo State Accuse Politicians Of Hijacking Amnesty Programme

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Militants in Ondo State Accuse Politicians Of Hijacking Amnesty Programme

Timothy Agboola, LAGOS, Nigeria. (GVE) – A Militant Group In Ondo State, United Sea Wolf Avenger, Has Accused Politicians Of hijacking the federal government’s amnesty programme in the state.

They claimed that the politicians allocate the slots to their children, friends and political allies.

The group, in Lagos on Thursday, made the allegation known in a statement, signed by its leader, Gen. Deji Ehinmowo, Secretary, Gen. Akinfemi Raymond, and Adviser, Gen. Ogbaro Ariyo.

The Ondo State Government, had on Oct. 23, announced that the Federal Government would incorporate ex-militants who are willing to submit their arms for the programme.

The group however said its members of over 400 from five camps in the state were neglected and not incorporated into the programme.

The statement read:

“We humbly want to alert Nigerians and the Federal Government that politicians in Ondo State are about to compromise the standard and integrity that the Nigerian security personnel has built over the years by hijacking the second phase of the amnesty programme,”.

“This is evidence in the outcome of the series of their meetings where Amnesty slots were given to their children, traditional rulers, friends in their political wards and units.

“It is our strong belief that the purpose of the Amnesty programme is to mop up arms and achieve the desired peace in the oil-rich region of Ondo State to attract investors to exploit the numerous natural resources that bound in the riverine community for the benefit of our people in the state and Nigeria at large.”

“We want to put it on record that fake people had been recruited as militants into the second phase of the Amnesty programme in Ondo State by politicians in the state for political patronage.”

“It is with a strong belief that the present government in Ondo State is playing politics with the Amnesty programme without involving us in the process.”

“We are using this opportunity to inform President Muhammadu Buhari, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and the security personnel that over 400 militants in our camp are ready to surrender arms in their possession if the government is ready to dialogue with us.”

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